January 8, 2013

I was about to go inside the supermarket and buy stuffs when someone called me. Syempre, lumingon ako para makita ko kung sino ang tumawag sa akin. I was surprised when I saw Ate Jean and Ate Fishe standing at my back. Of course, I immediately hugged them so tight that they couldn’t even breathe. Pasensya naman, I just really missed them that much. I almost forgot the time and I’m in such a hurry kasi binanatan na nila agad ako ng kwento. J

So, ayun nga. Nag-kwento nsa sila sa akin. Medyo nakakalungkot yung kwento nila sa akin ng 3.5% 😀 Sabi kasi ng mga eyes and ears nila, meron daw akong mga haters. 😀 Kesyo pa-bibo daw ako at lagi ako ang napapansin ng mga profs namen at ang taray ko daw tumingin and so on and so forth.

At first, I didn’t know how to react on that. 😀 Mixed emotions kase eh. At the back of my mind, ito yung naiisip ko eh. “Ano? Ito na ba ang time na tatawa ako? Malulungkot na ba ako? Ito na rin ba yung oras na magpapahila ako pababa sa kanilang mga sinasabi? O magagalit na ba ako kasi sobra na at di ko na malaman kung saan nahugot ang ganung issue?”

After some time, I composed myself. Re-composing my poise again. I said to them, “Natural na ganito ang kilay at mata ko. Partida, di pa ako nakapag-threading sa salon ng lagay na yan. It’s not my fault and my problem anymore if they are too narrow-minded to understand that my eyes and eyebrows are all natural. Since then nang pinanganak ako, ganito na ang mata at kilay ko. Wala na akong magagawa about that. Hindi ako pa-bibo sa klase. Kailan ko pa naging kasalanan na highest ako sa mga exams? Hindi ko naman sinasadya yun ah. Pasensya naman. At yung tungkol naman sa ako ang napapansin lagi ng mga profs, Aba! Kung gusto nila ng gawain, eh di sa kanila na! Saksak pa nila sa mga baga nila at sa two kidneys nila. Pabor pa nga yun sa akin eh, kasi wala akong iintindihin na gawain. Akala ata nila madali at masarap ang ganun. Eh di sa kanila na! 😀 Baka ikahirap pa nila eh. ”

They advised me to keep my mouth shut regarding the issue and let them do what they want to do. Aba, kahit di ako payuhan nila Ate ganun talaga ang gagawin ko. It’s just a waste of my precious time and effort kung aawayin ko pa sila dba? 😀 Really, we’re not on the same level so I’ll never stoop down. Matagal ko naman na silang pinapabayaan eh. As if I do really care about them? Kahit na magbigti sila sa harap ko, wapakels lang ako sa kanila.

I am really stunned by their words and to their hatred towards me. I don’t know why but I feel so overwhelmed na may nagagalit sa akin kahit na wala akong ginagawa. May mga tao na kumukulo ang dugo sa akin kahit na di ko sila napapansin. 😉

I never brag or speak to them kung anong meron ako. Kasi kung proud man ako sa kung anong meron ako, sa sarili ko na lang yun at sa pamilya at best friend ko na lang. Kaya mga, di ko ma-gets ang logic ng mga so-called-haters ko. 😀

Shit happens. I know that I can’t avoid these kind of hate dramas. There will be always haters around no matter what I do.

Jealous haters really makes me smile. 🙂 They spend their life hating me and cloning my style.

Kung sinasabi nila na I’m too ambitious and I want to get everything that I want, it’s true. I have my goals in my life. If that makes a bitch for them, then it’s fine with me. Diyan sila masaya eh. 🙂

I have read an article about dealing with haters and it goes like this. 🙂

What is a hater?

A hater is someone who works to disrupt, debunk or simply hate you, what you do, and what you love. Haters may spread lies or malicious gossips about you, talk about you behind your back with the intention of hurting you, and use manipulation and negativity to recruit additional members into their hater club.

Anyone with any degree of success or competence can get haters. Haters hate you for accomplishments, attractiveness, youthfulness, experience, or any qualities that you have that they don’t possess. Hate may be the result of envy, jealousy, low self-esteem, fear of failure, or anger at life circumstances. Haters need to hate in order to make themselves feel better about whatever weaknesses or incompetence they feel about themselves.

Tips on How to Handle Haters:

  1. There is no reasoning with a hater. The painfulness of their own insecurities and inadequacies are so hard for them to face. Hate is the only way they can cope and go on with their own lives. You can’t talk a hater of hating. They are not yet ready to face their fears.
  2. Accept that you have haters. Losers don’t have haters. Be proud of yourself and your your accomplishments. Don’t change who you are for your haters. Take care of yourself and retain your self-confidence. Don’t let haters drag you don to their level. And don’t ever hate back! 😀 Let’s love our f*cking d*mbass haters who likes to drink HATERADE*.
  3. Limit contact and interactions with haters. As much as possible, you have to protect yourself and refrain from developing emotional relationships with haters – keep it superficial.
  4. Develop your own support systems. Create your own fan base for emotional health and in order to create a positive spirit in your life.
  5. Preserve your mental health. Develop outlets for expressing your feelings about the haters. Write, draw, paint or find some means so let it all out, so that these negative feelings don’t remain trapped inside and poison your precious life.
  6. Speak up for yourself. Even though you are keeping your distance from your haters. You still need to honor your principles and beliefs. Speak your mind in a reasoned and rational manner. Then, move on with your life.
  7. Continue to do the things that make them hate you more. 😉

 One thing that you need whenever you have a hater: OPEN MIND.

One thing that I can say about my “so-called-friends-turned-to-be-haters”: PATHETIC

*HATERADE- A beverage consumed by haters to refuel their hating capabilities.



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