9 Ways To Love A Woman


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1. Disregard her womanhood as anything other than a choice of identity, not something that defines her any way she doesn’t decide it does. Realize that she does not have to conform to conventions of feminism if she doesn’t choose to, and learn to accept the gender continuum as being more than just polar.

2. Ask for consent before you do anything to her body. Someone recently told me that they ask a woman’s permission before they do anything and I found that overwhelmingly foreign and refreshing and I realized that society’s norms are skewed and generally rooted in the idea that if one wants to touch someone for their own pleasure or purposes, the recipient of that attention will want it.

3. Completely resign any preconceptions you had about the female form, and what it should or shouldn’t look like. Learn to love her for who she is and…

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A real, true friend


I have to admit, every time I encounter unfortunate events, I always look for a solution for that. I called my best friend to do some counseling for me and often times, I ask Google the step-by-step solution for my problem.

Recently, I am starting to question myself. What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I always experience several failed and broken friendships from other people?

It frustrates me. Why?

Simply because I was attached to them and my whole system can’t accept the mere fact that I have loved and cared for the wrong people, persons who weren’t deserving.

As I searched for random things, I have found an article which really didn’t give a solution for my problem but somehow, it made me realize the real thing happening around my chaotic environment.

It was entitled “25 signs someone is a real, true friend” by Christopher Hudspeth.

It was ironic, you know. 🙂 it is like God is giving me the perfect sign at the perfect time to wake up from my dreams and illusions and face the reality.

And it goes like this…

1. They don’t make you feel like a horrible person for passing on invitations because you have to do things important to your education, career or the betterment of yourself in general.

* Minsan nga, may nagsabi pa sa akin na sana sumama ako sa kanila eh hindi naman sila nag-invite. :/

2. You feel comfortable enough at their place to raid the refrigerator or go number two in their bathroom – probably in that order.

* I’ve been in their houses but I am not comfortable at their place kasi hindi naman palagi nandun ako at nag-aaya sila ng hang-out sa place nila.

3. You’ve discussed and agreed that hypothetically, if one of you were to get bit by a zombie, you’d hold off on killing each other until you actually began turning into a member of the walking dead.

* Masyadong malaman itong number 3. May humor ng kaunti pero ang ibig sabihin nito ay totoong kaibigan ang isang tao kapag nagawa nilang mag-sakripisyo kasabay ng sakripisyong ginagawa mo.

4. They’ve answered a call you made between the hours of 2-6am groggy and disoriented, but prepared to listen to or meet you for help with your emergency.

* Kahit emergency na, walang gagawa ng ganyan sa akin maliban sa best friend ko. Kasi sasabihan nila ako na istorbo ako sa mga tulog nila at pwede namang ipagpabukas yan. Minsan nga, kahit sobrang urgent na urgent na yung topic, tinawagan mo na at tinadtad mo na ng text, hindi ka pa rin sasagutin. Pero may time sila para sa boyfriends nila to text and call ah. 🙂 And they will just give a lame excuse.

5. Much like with family members, you can go extended stretches of weeks or months without talking and hanging out consistently, yet there’s no doubts about your relationship. Schedules get busy, circumstances arise, but your friendship remains fully intact.

* There are now doubts and it wasn’t intact anymore.

6. They’ve helped you move. (If they help you move during the summer, they’re the realest friend, and you better buy them some type of friendship ring or at least the 2 for $20 at Chili’s.)

* No one dared to help me in such things like that.

7. If you throw a huge party that results in your place being trashed, look around at cleanup time. Anyone so much as stacking red SOLO cups or pouring out half-drunken beers is worthy of considering a friend.

* Ako nga nag-throw ako ng party para sa kanila kasi 18th birthday ko yun. I want to keep it memorable with them kasi sila yung tinuturing kong friends sa schools but it ended up na walang pumunta. It was the worst and epic birthday I have experienced in my entire life. Plus the fact, it was my 18th birthday.

8. Any little favors they’ve done for you in the past aren’t kept on track of, and vice versa.

* Hindi naman sa nililista ko ang mga ginagawa ko sa kanila. Pero minsan, kailangan yun gawin para kahit papaano naman eh, ma-acknowledge nila ang mga bagay-bagay. Some people were just only taking for granted.

9. All of your posts on social networks are guaranteed a comment, like, favorite, or SOME TYPE OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT from your friend. It may sound stupid, but in this day and age, you can’t leave a pal’s post response-less – not even the 47th picture of their nephew or their 4th selfie of the day.

* It’s highly appreciated that my best friend always follow me in social media sites. She is my follower and she has always the notifications about my posts, status and such. She always liked my posts that is a sign of acknowledgment from her. She is the only person who does it.

10. If someone slings their name through the mud, you take offense, interrupt and kill any bashing immediately – and they’ll do the exact same for you.

* Ehhhh, parang ako. 😀 Ako, pinagtatanggol ko sila kapag may bashers sila pero sila, di nila nagagawa yun kase ang katwiran nila sa buhay nila ay ayaw nilang madamay sa gulo.

11. They are sincerely happy to see you have any type of success. Not the lying-through-my-teeth fake smile and bogus “Screw you, why not me? Ohhhh, well good for you!” – but legitimate excitement and congratulations.

* Sometimes, I felt like they have an ill-feeling to my works ans when they commented on it, they sounded sarcastic.

12. If you’re being an a-hole, they’ll make you aware of it to your face.

13. You don’t constantly find yourself scolding them for putting unflattering photos of you online, because they know better than to post an eyes closed, unprepared, bad candid snapshot of you.

14. When a friend knows painful information (e.g. your crush hates the way your face looks), they’ll tell you. Maybe slightly modified to soften the blow, but they won’t leave you in the dark with false hopes, or headed down a disastrous path.

15. Your interaction naturally begins and ends with casual insults the majority of the time.

16. Even when involved in relationships, they don’t fall off the grid or blow your friendship off entirely. Yes, new love commands a lot of attention but don’t pull an Andy from Toy Story and just straight up neglect your clique.

17. When you stop to tie your shoe, they actually wait for you to finish as opposed to leaving you in the dust. Or they keep walking and openly vocalize and laugh at the fact that you’re being left behind.

18. They’ve taken the dreadful, guaranteed to cause massive drama step of informing you that you’re being cheated on.

19. Rarely do you discover anything about what’s going on with them on social networks. You don’t need Facebook to tell you it’s their birthday, or Instagram to see who they were with and where they went last night.

20. They don’t let you do anything stupid – at least not by yourself. If you wind up hammered, singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song solo on karaoke night, reevaluate the friendships of everyone you were with that night. Someone should’ve intervened or started to sing.

21. You’ve borrowed each other’s stuff that normal acquaintances probably wouldn’t share. Cars, spare rooms, expensive electronics, etc.

22. They’ve dropped you off at or picked you up from the airport. This is especially meaningful if you have something like a 5am flight.

23. You’ve changed the music playing on their radio or iPod and lived to tell about it.

24. During the lowest of lows, they don’t give up on you even if you’ve given up on yourself.

25. There are silences, but they don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable or awkward. If you can sit down and shut up with a person, never feeling obligated to fill that hushed void, you’ve got a special connection.

Sorry for this lame post. My mind was not that WELL-ORDERED.

I can’t continue my explanations for some reasons. Mahirap na eh. Baka issue pa. 🙂

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Ito yung unang Note ko kay Anna Mae nung nag-away kami…


Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they 

were meant to be there…to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson 

or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know 

who these people may be but you lock eyes with them, you know that very 

moment that they will affect your life in some profound way.


And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without  overcoming those obstacles you would never realize your potential, strength, will power or heart.


Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul.


Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight,  flat road to nowhere safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless.


The people you meet affect your life. The successes and downfalls that you experience can create whom you are, and the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact they are probably the most poignant and important ones.

If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, forgive them because they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.



If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you, but also because they are teaching you to love and open your heart and eyes to little things. Make every day count. Appreciate everything that you possibly can, for you may never experience it again.


Talk to people whom you have never talked to before, and actually listen.


Let yourself fall in love, break free and set your sights high. Hold you head up because you have every right to.


Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you.


Create you own life and then go out and live it.






Anna Mae Teodoro : Peng, mahal kita 🙂 Kahit hindi halata. Love kita. Masyado kitang mahal kaya hindi ko kakayanin ang mawala ka. BEST FRIEND kita kahit na hindi ko sabihin sa salita. Pero para saken, ito ka. Yun ka sa buhay ko 🙂 Sa lahat ng mga kaibigan ko, never akong umiyak dahil sa mga issue kase nga ma-pride akong tao. Pero para sayo, nilunok ko ang pride ko. Wala kang kasalanan. Walang may kasalanan.


Salamat kase nakilala kita noong April 28, 2011. Naalala mo ba kung ano ung unang sinabi ko sayo noon ? Sabi ko, “Kayo ba talaga ni Philip?” 


Walang hi un or hello man lang :> Hahaha, ang prangka ko noh ? :DDDanyway, that was the start of it :> Hanggang sa inabot tayo ng alas-dos ng madaling araw kaka-chat :>Naalala mo ba nung tnanong moko kung kami ba ni philip?Alam mo, nasa daan ako nun. Muntikan na aqng masagasaan ng jeep a! Dahil sa tanong mo :>


Kase e, sa dami ng tanong , yun pa ang naisip mo ;>Anna Mae, nakaka’inis ka ;> pnaiyak mo kase aq e. Pero, ok lang. Kase at least, nagka’aminan tayo sa feelings nating dalawa. :> Hahahahaha. ANG TORPE KASE NATING DALAWA ! :>


Mahal kita 🙂 Hindi kita iiwan. 🙂 Kakantahan kita kahit na wala na akong maisip na kanta.


Hindi ako magsasawa sayo na intindihin ka sa mga weird mong problema :>At dahil sayo,


















tumulo ang sipon ko ;> Hahaha.


I love you,peng ! :*****



Abstract about Feminism noong Logic Days ko pa. -__-

Philosophical images of feminism brings many things including a variety of particular moral and political issues but ways of giving answer to these issues, constructive and critical dialogues and arguments methods and new topic of inquiries are still ongoing. Feminists’ philosophers studied all major concerns, including analytic philosophy, American Pragmatist philosophy, and Continental philosophy. The impact of these traditions on feminism had been discussed, examine and scholarly studied to work within time. Considering some of the controversies over what feminism provides a springboard for seeing how feminist commitments generate a host of philosophical topics, especially as those commitments confront the world as we know it.

To discover and to elaborate the topic, feminism is about women gaining equal rights with men. This is a simplistic way of looking at it but feminism is more complex and profound than just a matter of equality with men. The philosophy of the feminist movement encapsulated the hidden and unexpressed desires of all people everywhere for human equality. Yes, feminism is a movement that stands for women’s rights but it does not end at simply claiming equal rights with men. It is a movement which knows that every human being was created equal and pushes for the expression of that certainty in every sphere of life from professional to public life and also in personal life.

            The advocate of feminism is to emerge the understanding of the gender’s nature of equality, examine women’s social roles, respond to issues such as social construction of sex and gender taking into account the middle class perspectives which led to the multi culturist form of feminism. Women’s rights such as contract law, property and voting while still promoting integrity autonomy and reproductive rights for women.    It also achieve women’s suffrage, gender neutrality, equal pay for women, reproductive rights for women which means access to contraceptives and the right to enter contract and own property.  Feminism also worked to protect women and girls from sexual harassment and sexual assault, domestic violence and other violence that a woman may experience. In a work or job related, advocacies of feminism are as follows: maternity leave, discrimination against women and single parenting leave.  Feminism is mainly focused on women’s issues, but because feminism seeks gender equality, some feminists argue that men’s liberation is a necessary part of feminism, and that men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles.

            On the other hand feminism beliefs should clearly be emphasized.  Feminism believes that there injustice against women and these injustices became a basis for the women to do something and to protect them. One strategy for solving these problems would be to identify feminism in terms of a set of ideas or beliefs rather than participation in any particular political movement. This is actually an advantage of allowing to locate isolated feminists whose work was not understood or appreciated. But how should we go about identifying a core set of feminist beliefs? Some would suggest that we should focus on the political ideas that the term was apparently coined to capture, the commitment to women’s equal rights. This acknowledges that commitment to and advocacy for women’s rights has not been confined but this too raises controversy, for it frames feminism within a broadly Liberal approach to political and economic life. Although most feminists would probably agree that there is some sense of “rights” on which achieving equal rights for women is a necessary condition for feminism to succeed, most would also argue that this would not be sufficient. This is because women’s oppression under male domination rarely if ever consists solely in depriving women of political and legal “rights”, but also extends into the structure of our society and the content of our culture, and permeates our consciousness of the existing rights that all of us should exercise.

Is there any point, then, to asking what feminism is? Given the controversies over the term and the politics of circumscribing the boundaries of a social movement, it is sometimes tempting to think that the best we can do is to articulate a set of disjoints that capture a range of feminist beliefs. However, at the same time it can be both intellectually and politically valuable to have a schematic framework that enables us to map at least some of our points of agreement and disagreement. We’ll begin here by considering some of the basic elements of feminism as a political position or set of beliefs.

Feminism seems to involve two claims: Normative claims and descriptive claims.  Normative claims concern on how women ought to be viewed and treated and draw on a background conception of justice or broad moral position however, descriptive claims concern how women are viewed and treated, alleging that they are not being treated in accordance with the standards of justice or morality invoked in the normative claims. Together the normative and descriptive claims provide reasons for working to change the way things are; hence, feminism is not just an intellectual but also a political movement.  For example in terms of two claims:

  1.  (Normative) Men and women are entitled to equal rights and respect.
  2. (Descriptive) Women are currently disadvantaged with respect to rights and respect, compared with men

On this account, that women and men ought to have equal rights and respect is the normative claim; and that women are denied equal rights and respect functions here as the descriptive claim. Admittedly, the claim that women are disadvantaged with respect to rights and respect is not a “purely descriptive” claim since it plausibly involves an evaluative component. However, our point here is simply that claims of this sort concern what is the case not what ought to be the case. Moreover, descriptive component of a substantive feminist view will not be articulable in a single claim, but will involve an account of the specific social mechanisms that deprive women of rights and respect, primary source of women’s role in the family or her role in the labor market, or problem of male tendencies or simply women’s biological reproduction.

Disagreements between feminist and non-feminists occur with respect to both normative and descriptive claims as well.   Some non-feminists agree with feminists on the ways women ought to be viewed and treated, but don’t see any problem with the way things currently are. Others disagree about the background moral or political views.

Identifying the wrongs, women suffer (and have suffered), there is an implicit suggestion that women as a group can be usefully compared against men as a group with respect to their standing or position in society; and this seems to suggest that women as a group are treated in the same way, or that they all suffer the same injustices, and men as a group all reap the same advantages. But of course this is not the case, or at least not straightforwardly so. Feminism is grounded on the belief that women are oppressed or disadvantaged by comparison with men, and that their oppression is in some way illegitimate or unjustified. With these characterization, many interpretations of women and their oppression mistaken that feminism as a single philosophical doctrine, or as implying an agreed political program.

One might agree that feminists ought to work to end all forms of oppression — oppression is unjust and feminists, like everyone else, have a moral obligation to fight injustice — without maintaining that it is the mission of feminism to end all oppression. One might even believe that in order to accomplish feminism’s goals it is necessary to combat racism and economic exploitation, but also think that there is a narrower set of specifically feminist objectives. Is it wrong to oppose any oppression among women?  Women are God’s creation who should be respected and be loved.  Women’s rights in any aspects of her life are needed.

Feminism is an umbrella term for a range of views about injustices against women. There are disagreements among feminists about the nature of justice in general and the nature of sexism, in particular, the specific kinds of injustice or wrong women suffer; and the group who should be the primary focus of feminist efforts. Nonetheless, feminists are committed to bringing about social change to end injustice against women, in particular, injustice against women as women.

      So is it wrong to be in favor of such rights that can uplift women’s power and women’s love of herself as an individual? No boundaries and limits should be given to us women who would only like to be treated as a real woman?

Combi. :)


Combi. :)

Ang sweet ng baby brother ko kase binigyan nya ako ng baon niya para may makain daw ako habang nag-rereview ako for midterms. 🙂 At talagang pinilit pa nya ako na kainin na yun agad kase ibabalik daw nya yun sa kwarto ng lola ko yung pagkain kapag di ko kinain. 😛